Monday, July 11, 2011

Casting off the Shackles

Rest assured, I will continue the blog and finish the third instalment of the Viner story.

Being back 'home' has left me confused and lethargic. I struggle through my days in a near state of delirium and am being viewed increasingly as an eccentric in my rigid corporate environment.

The pressure to restrain my rather outgoing personality is causing great distress, cracks are appearing and odd comments occasionally burst forth causing discord and confusion in the office.

Tomorrow I face a sort of star chamber inquisition where I must justify my presence in the office to a table of superiors who, in a way I can not quite fathom, have become a sort of omnipresent spectral force chewing away at my will.

A breaking point has been reached. Change is in the air.

This very day fate intervened and I managed to find a cheap ticket abroad, departing very soon - before the end of the month. Sitting in my cubicle, struggling to write my "value added report" an impulse came over me and I pulled out my credit card and purchased the ticket.

The fact that I actually HAVE a credit card is distressing enough. I am totally unprepared for travel. Money is going to be very tight. I'm taking a bold leap into the maw of madness, but I feel like Atlas after a visit from the Death Star.

Tomorrow, emboldened and impaired from lack of sleep I will stand before my masters, denounce the meeting as a witch hunt, tender my resignation, and shrug off my chains.

Sweet freedom!

My plans are not at all well thought out. Far from it, this is a blind impulse born of sheer desperation, but I feel damn good about it.

As for this blog, I have barely scratched the surface of what I have wanted to tell. I have purposely refrained from starting the big stories, the grand events that have shaped me into the creature I am today. There is more, so much more that it will get to the point that anyone believing this to be a work of non-fiction will be considered quite mad.

Stay tuned. This may very well end up being my career.

God knows I'm no good for anything else.


  1. Would love to find out what happened with the David Viner story... There are many people out there who've been 'done' by him over the years.

  2. I would really like your post ,it would really explain each and every point clearly well thanks for sharing.

  3. Please continue to write! You have a gift!!

  4. Dream big, start are a good writer!

  5. Please contact me re: Viner. He ripped me off in Singapore for a few thou and would like to converse with you.

  6. Thanks for your efforts to finish Viner story. Escaping the shackles seems your purpose. You are powerful to stand before the master and do anything that you want.